We are officially SOLD OUT!

Thanks to all for the local support!  We’re also selling garden produce as it becomes available.  Contact Brittany to be added to the mailing list for sale notifications.


  • Beefsteak SOLD OUT
  • Black Krim SOLD OUT
  • Brandywine SOLD OUT
  • Cherokee Purple SOLD OUT
  • Jubilee Golden Yellow SOLD OUT
  • Pineapple SOLD OUT
  • Red Cherry SOLD OUT
  • Red Pear (cherry) SOLD OUT
  • San Marzano SOLD OUT
  • Supersweet 100 (cherry, hybrid) SOLD OUT
  • Tigerella SOLD OUT
  • Yellow Pear (cherry) SOLD OUT


  • Black Beauty SOLD OUT
  • Long Purple SOLD OUT


  • Coral Bell  SOLD OUT
  • Early Jalapeno SOLD OUT
  • Mini Orange Sweet Bell SOLD OUT
  • Sweet California Wonder Orange SOLD OUT


  • Toma Verde SOLD OUT


  • Sweet – SOLD OUT
  • Lemon Mrs. Burns – SOLD OUT

Cucumbers/Zucchini/Squash Seedling Starts

  • Lemon Cucumber SOLD OUT
  • Raider Cucumber (hybrid) SOLD OUT
  • Pickling Cucumber SOLD OUT
  • Black Beauty Squash SOLD OUT
  • Early Prolific Longneck Yellow Squash SOLD OUT